4th Grade

 Welcome to fourth grade! We are very excited for a great 2018-2019 school year.


Below is our Upper Elementary Preamble and Learner Rights

We the people of the upper elementary, in order to have fun, be safe, and be kind, do hereby ordain and establish these learners rights based on the principles of friendships, fairness, and respect.


  1. To be treated kindly

  2. To be respectful and be respected

  3. To have a clean and healthy environment

  4. To have a quiet and comfortable workplace

  5. The right to have personal property and to ask to share

  6. The right to be treated fairly and have my own opinions

  7. The right to have a choice in what we do in some things

  8. The right to be helpful

  9. The right to learn new and exciting things and learn from our mistakes

  10. The right to be a leader and to be included


We love service learning in 4th grade. We have been partnering with Stepping Stone in Lapeer. Our guests taking part in that program visit our school the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month and take part in activities with our 4th graders. 4th graders will also be sharing books with our guests.


 Students will learn many new concepts the second half of the year.


  • In science, students will learn about the human brain and the nervous system. They will inform others about preventing concussions, the signs of a concussion, and how to treat a concussion in our second PLTW unit. They will also explore how energy is converted in our last PLTW unit. Lastly, they will learn about rocks and minerals and the processes of weathering and erosion. 

  • In social studies,  students will learn about migration across the United States. We will learn about the Underground Railroad, the Great Migration, and the Orphan Train. They will also study immigration and celebrate when and where their family originated from. They will also learn about U.S. geography with a focus on landmarks across the U.S.

  • In writing, students will begin to write persuasive pieces. They will focus on using punctuation for effect, using specific and precise vocabulary to convey meaning, forming arguments, supporting ideas with research and data. 
  • In math. students will learn about measurement and data. They will focus on adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers, rounding, volume, mass, time, and other forms of measurement. Below are some resources for Unit 4 that may be helpful as your assist your child at home. 
  • Strategy Overview
  • Addition Game

  • Lastly, in literacy, students will practice reading informational text. They will read various informational text while practicing identifying text structures, text features, main ideas, and practice vocabulary skills while they read. We will begin to read literary text with a focus on characters, inferences, theme, and structure.