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5th Grade

Hello 5th graders!  You will be taking part in many exciting learning experiences throughout the school year. We will also be engaged in various technology projects for all subject areas this year. Students will also be working to fill buckets throughout the year. To fill a bucket, they will help themselves and others feel happy in a variety of ways: being polite, giving a compliment, being helpful, etc. 

Each week students will be taking turns visiting Suncrest to take part in activities with the residents that live there. They will be assisting in a Bingo game each week and upon their return they will complete a reflection piece about their experience. Please watch for their reflection in our bi-weekly newsletter. 

 We will be learning many new and exciting concepts during the second half of the year. Students will learn about the following:

  • In literacy, students will be reading the anchor text from Houghton Mifflin and use skills such as; cause/effect, word choice, author’s purpose, drawing conclusions, main ideas/details. Students will also be reading either a novel, analyzing texts, or reading informational text to make inferences.
  • In book club, we have been reading Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. Students love this suspenseful story about a young girl who helps her Jewish friend escape Nazis in Denmark.
  • In science, we will be learning about the phases of matter and also matter and energy in the ecosystem. 
  • In social studies, we will be learning about colonization, the events that led to the American Revolution, and the American Revolution.
  • In writing, we will be writing a personal narrative and a research report about an environmental issue. We will also be focusing on organization, word choice, character development, research process, supporting opinions, and editing their work.

 We are excited to Fill Your Bucket as we explore these many different concepts!

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All of the 5th grade reading calendars can be accessed through the link below.  There are tabs at the bottom of the document for each month.

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