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5th Grade


Hello 5th graders! We are excited to Fill Your Bucket as we explore many different concepts.  In Literacy, we will complete our author's study on Chris Van Allsburg and read the novel Number the Stars and The Watson's Go To Birmingham. In writing, students will be focusing on narrative, informative, and opinion writing pieces.  We will also be focusing on organization, word choice, character development, research process, supporting opinions, and editing their work.  In Science, we will be exploring concepts about Space Systems.  We will be examining concepts of gravity, mass, shadows, seasons, distance of stars and other concepts.  In Social Studies, we will be learning about the meeting of the three worlds (Africa, Europe, and America) as well as Native American tribes. Students will be engaged in various technology projects for all subject areas.    

Our students will be visiting Suncrest to take part in activities with the residents that live there.  They will be assisting in a Bingo game. Students will complete a reflection piece after the visit to Suncrest. Their reflections will be included in the newsletter. 

 Students will also be working to fill buckets throughout the year.  To fill a bucket, they will help themselves and others feel happy in a variety of ways: being polite, giving a compliment, being helpful, etc.  

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All of the 5th grade reading calendars can be accessed through the link below.  There are tabs at the bottom of the document for each month.

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