4th Grade


Welcome to fourth grade! We are very excited for a great year of LEARNING and GROWING TOGETHER. 

Below is our Upper Elementary Preamble and Learner Rights


We the people of the upper elementary, in order to be included, have fun, and learn from our mistakes, do hereby ordain and establish these learners rights. based on the principles of equality, respect, and freedom.

  1. To be treated fairly, kindly, and equally by everyone

  2. To learn from our mistakes without being judged

  3. To share our ideas and experiences

  4. To have friends and be friendly

  5. To have our own opinions and be heard

  6. To have a clean and quiet environment to learn and play in

  7. To try to have fun

  8. To be safe and have our belonging be safe

  9. To be noticed for our good work

  10. To be ourselves

We will be taking part in many fun learning experiences throughout the year.

We love service learning in 4th grade. We have been partnering with Stepping Stone in Lapeer. Residents taking part in that program visit our school weekly and take part in activities with our 4th graders.


 Students will be learning many new concepts the first half of the year.


  •  In science, students will learn about types of energy, how energy can be transferred, and how we can conserve energy and use natural resources like solar and wind energy. We will also learned about sound and light waves and how our brain processes information received, especially from our eyes.
  •  Students will learn about our government in social studies. We will learn about the three branches of government, the election process, how bills become laws, and the U.S. Constitution. We also will learn about geographic features of the U.S. 
  • In writing, students will learn about voice and word choice. They will write a narrative, informational piece, and a persuasive piece.  
  • Lastly, in literacy, students will read Caleb's Story, More Perfect than the Moon, and Grandfather's Dance by Patricia MacLachlan. Students will learn about making inferences and making connections to the text. They will also learn how to answer questions with support from the text. 



We will be learning many new and exciting concepts the second half of the year as well. Students will learn about the following:

  • In science, we will be learning about animal adaptations and creating imaginary animals. We have received out fiddler crabs, millipedes, and African dwarf frogs to study. 
  • In social studies, we will be learning about the underground railroad and the migration of people throughout the United States.
  • In writing, we will be writing personal narratives.  They will write a main piece about an event when they helped others.


We will have a great year!!!